Business Management Second Semester: A2

(First Year: A2)

Author: Paul Roux

Price: R 250.00

In this course, we will learn more about the foundations of financial analysis. We will discuss company shares, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, trading on the JSE, and portfolio management with a specific focus on risk vs return.

What you will learn:

Ch1: Shares

  • Dividend timelines
  • Rights issue
  • Number of shares
  • Example: timelines
  • Example: number of shares

Ch2: Fundamental analysis

  • Fundamental introduction
  • Statements layout
  • Example: SFP
  • Example: income statement

Ch3: Technical analysis

  • Index valuations
  • Point and figure
  • Dow Jones
  • Moving average
  • Market Breadth
  • RSI

Ch4: Trading on the JSE

  • Order book
  • Broker instructions
  • JSE auction
  • Transaction costs

Ch5: Risk vs Return

  • Risk
  • Return