Financial Accounting Second Semester: A1

(First Year: A1)

Author: Paul Roux

Price: R 250.00

This course delves deeper into PPE, adjustments, companies, closed corporations, correction of errors, the cash flow statement, partnerships, and VAT in the financial statements. In PPE, we will discuss the cost price of assets, depreciation methods, and the derecognition of PPE. In companies, we will discuss different types of shares, dividends, and tax payable. In closed corporations, we will dive deeper into the statement of net investment of members. In the correction of errors section, we will discuss the different types of errors in various financial statements and how we go about correcting errors in each statement. Finally, we will take a brief look at VAT and how it is calculated and recorded in our financial statements



  • Asset prices
  • Depreciation
  • Derecognition of PPE


  • Basic adjustments
  • Consumable inventory
  • Debtors


  • Basics
  • Share types
  • Share issues
  • Retained earnings
  • Dividends
  • Company tax

Closed corporations:

  • Basics
  • Statement of net investment of members

Correction of errors:

  • Trail balance
  • Control accounts
  • Creditor monthly statement
  • Bank reconciliation


  • Capital accounts
  • Current accounts
  • Distribution account

Cash flow statement

  • Note
  • Operating activities
  • Investment activities
  • Financing activities


  • Process
  • Calculation