Theory Of Interest Second Semester: A3

(First Year: A3)

Author: Jo Havenga

Price: R 250.00

Do you want to increase your knowledge about finances in real life? This course an essential concept that affects every individual and business: the time value of money. In this course, you will develop a deeper understanding of this concept and it will enable you to breathe life into the theory and use these principles to examine real-life scenarios.


  • Module1: Time value of money
  • Module2: Simple interest
  • Module3: Compound interest: FV unknown
  • Module4: Compound interest: PV unknown
  • Module5: Compound interest: Interest unknown
  • Module6: Compound interest: Calculator 
  • Module7: Compound interest: Period unknown
  • Module8: Compound interest: Withdrawal/deposit
  • Module9: Compound interest: Interest rates change
  • Module10: Nominal and effective rates
  • Module11: Force of interest
  • Module12: Pay and owe
  • Module13: Discounts
  • Module14: Annuities part1
  • Module15: Annuities part 2
  • Module16: Perpetuities
  • Module17: Amortisation table
  • Module18: Geometric vs accounting annuities
  • Module19: Sinking fund
  • Module20: Securities